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Saoirse, Heiress of the Coastal Cottage

A young 20-something from Dublin inherits her family cottage on the south west Irish coast on the Dingle Peninsula.


There, she cares for the sheep and the chickens and the cows and the donkeys. Inspired and eloquent is she who feels home when she trades the city life for life on the peninsula. With views of the sea and the cliffs from her two-room white cottage with a thatched roof, she tends to the farm and the garden and makes art when her day of work is done.


Saoirse lives in solitude her during the summer but relishes in the peace and the freedom that the country life brings her.

This is a ready-to-wear collection of what Saoirse may throw on throughout her summer day, depending on what she’s up to. Her clothing has to be functional, yet extravagant and unexpected in color and texture.

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