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Flower Power
Fall 2021


This was my final project for my Pattern Development class within my fashion design minor. We were tasked with designing the patterns for a blouse and a trouser, and then constructing the garment. Based on slopers, I altered the  markings and made my patterns to my sizing and my designs-- I was assigned to make a mutton sleeve for the blouse, and a flare leg for the trouser. 

The fabrics are both made of linen, and the fabric for the trousers was designed by me and then printed at SCAD's NineLab onto 100% Linen.

Included in this project were fashion illustrations, flats, muslin samples, individual tech packs, and the garments themselves.


I like including process work when applicable because to me, this project was more than sewing a garment. It was about putting my artwork onto a piece of high quality fabric, then designing a garment and sewing it to fit me exactly how I'd like. It was the first time I had ever made pants so it was both exciting and frightening. I do love how these turned out!

Untitled_Artwork 9.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 10.jpg
Tech Pack Trouser Pt 2.png
Tech Pack_Blouse pt 2.png
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