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The Eternal Dream Dress
A Glance into Knitwear x Textiles


The Eternal Dream Dress is the wearable and tangible embodiment of your happiest dreams and memories; of comfort and safety. Made out of natural fibers, this soft and flexible knitted maxi dress will enhance the mood of the wearer and remind you of the luxury it is to wear a one-of-one hand-knit garment.  Intention is everything, and this garment will give you a joie de vivre like no else, and remind you that true beauty comes from when we share the kindness and love we have within ourselves.

Mood and Concept Board

Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 5.19.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 5.19.38 PM.png

Initial Ideation

Variation of Garment Ideas

Eternal Dream Dress

Here is the finished product! Let me give you a bit of background to how I created this piece.

I first started with drafting a pattern on paper based on another dress that I liked the fit of. I wanted an A-Line dress with a similar collar in the front and back. I also want it to be as long as possible and as wide as the machine could hold. 

After drafting, I worked with my professor to do the calculations and create the knitting patterns/instructions. My decision to make the front and back pieces identical made the instruction part quicker and easier. 

Next, I gathered the yarn quantities I'd need and decided on a speckled, hand-dyed Irish merino wool of fingerling weight for the background and a blue fingerling wool for the foreground. Next step was to knit.


After much toiling over the knitting machine, I connected the front and back pieces together. 

The final steps were to finish the edges of the neckline and to add the embellishments. I hand crocheted two flowers and then appliquéed them onto the dress with the other antique doilies I'd found.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about my process.

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